Praised Be Diana's Fair and Harmless Light
poem by
Sir Walter Raleigh

Raleigh Sir Walter - Poem

Praised be Diana's fair and harmless light; 
Praised be the dews wherewith she moists the ground; 
Praised be her beams, the glory of the night; 
Praised be her power, by which all powers abound. 

Praised be her nymphs, with whom she decks the woods; 
Praised be her knights, in whom true honor lives; 
Praised be that force, by which she moves the floods; 
Let that Diana shine, which all these gives. 

In heaven queen she is among the spheres; 
In aye she mistress-like makes all things pure; 
Eternity in her oft change she bears; 
She beauty is; by her the fair endure. 

Time wears her not, she doth his chariot guide; 
Mortality below her orb is placed. 
By her the virtue of the stars down slide, 
In her is virtue's perfect image cast. 

A knowledge pure it is her worth to know; 
With Circes let them dwell that think not so. 

Sir Walter Raleigh

Praised Be Diana's Fair and Harmless Light

a poem by Sir Walter Raleigh

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